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Proven Results

Read some of our client testimonials. If you’d like a more complete list of references, let us know and we’d be happy to provide them.

Michael Kloep, MD

ED Physician

“The use of scribes has been a valuable tool in our department. The accurate documentation, especially for procedures and critical care, has been extremely helpful. The thorough documentation of discharge conversation and instructions has been not only valuable for patients and their primary care providers, but is a needed asset for medico-legal purposes.”


Mustafa Hindi, MD

ED Physician / Hospitalist

“This past year I had the pleasure of working with scribes for the first time. Having scribes work with me has been great and has helped me to get my work done faster, more thoroughly, and without compromising patient care. ScribeConnect offers an impressive service.”

Abiodun Sangoseni, MD

ED Physician

“Patients sometimes arrive in the Emergency Departments at a number and sequence that throws off the track of any prevailing sense of equilibrium. Patients who are on the verge of discharge or admission are often delayed because of additional or final documentation while new ones are being sorted out. I can confidently say that the advent of scribes in our ER has achieved:

  • Measurable increase in speed with respect to transition between end of ED care and disposition.
  • Has made “flow” of ED patients a lot quicker and smoother, by relieving us of frequently burdensome and time consuming documentation.

It has been a big help and relief in my practice of emergency medicine!”

Tiffany Spenner, RN

ED Nursing Director

“Having never been exposed to the use of Scribes in the ED, my nursing and physician staff were rather leery at the startup of ScribeConnect service. Are they professional? What about patient confidentiality? Will they really help, or slow us down? What’s their training? Where do they stand? I don’t think Doctor X will ever use them! Etc, etc.


Well, within one week, we were sold! Every single question or concern was answered, the transition was smooth, the chief scribe that ScribeConnect assigned to us was amazing! Our primary scribe has become an integral part of our team at Crossroads, and every single doctor now asks “When does my scribe get here today?!”


Do we need a scribe every hour of every day? No. But we don’t need all my nurses every hour of every day! The key is that during our peaks, our spikes, our critical patients, our multiple traumas, my doctors can focus on patient care, the scribes focus on documentation, and both patients and providers are more satisfied!”