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TeamConnect news archives about our industry, our company, and our team.

Taking the Next Big Leap

October 2016 Issue
  • ScribeConnect Heads to ACEP16
  • SC Spotlight: Marjorie Fernandez, Jane Wee
  • Brain Food:¬†How to Make the Most of Life Transitions
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How We Arrive at Wrong and Right

September 2016 Issue
  • Managers Team Meeting
  • SC Spotlight: Stephanie Ramirez, Nicole Bell
  • Brain Food: Physicians’ Top Ethical Dilemmas, Cases in Medical Ethics
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The Surprising Enemy of Workplace Efficiency: Multitasking

August 2016 Issue
  • Message from the CEO: Efficiency
  • SC Spotlight: Melanie Melillo, Phillip Jo
  • Brain Food: The Happy Secret to Better Work, The Practicing Mind, 7 Places to Volunteer Abroad
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Moving Forward into the Unknown

July 2016 Issue
  • Message from the CEO: The Unknown
  • SC Spotlight: Jacob Pascual, Cole Syverson
  • Brain Food: Mystery of Chronic Pain, More Medical Mysteries
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The Importance of the Patient Perspective

May 2016 Issue
  • Message from the CEO: Expand Your Perspective
  • SC Spotlight: Sasha Mozelewski, Lauren Richards
  • Brain Food: Still Alice, Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care
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How Scribes Connect Technology with Humanity

May 2016 Issue
  • Message from the CEO: The Human Element
  • SC Spotlight: Elizabeth Rios, Jazmin Bennett
  • Brain Food: When Breath Becomes Air, A Doctor’s Touch, Life in the Fast Lane
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Spring 2016 Management Retreat Recap

April 2016 Issue
  • SC Spotlight: Jon Dreiling
  • Brain Food: Team of Teams, Leaders Eat Last, Six Thinking Hats
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