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The ScribeConnect Standard

Known for our education, physician resource administration, and innovations, ScribeConnect has redefined the way scribe programs are implemented and managed. Our certified scribes reduce time consuming, labor-intensive clerical tasks, while boosting efficiency, patient flow, business productivity, and ultimately your job satisfaction. We are geared for the future of medicine, which means our scribes are trained and prepared.

The ScribeConnect Pledge

We are committed to exceptional customer service with integrity. Our team will always be available to you any day, any time. Every ScribeConnect team member is individually and collectively dedicated to providing physicians and administrators with the most effective, efficient, trusted, and reliable documentation services and resources they need to maximize their efficiency, productivity, success, and satisfaction in the medical industry.

ScribeConnect is committed to providing your department or practice with a scribe program that compliments your style and improves your efficiency. To make this happen, we pledge:

  • That you will be staffed with professionally trained, motivated, and certified medical scribes.
  • That you, your staff and your patients will be more than satisfied by the services and expertise we bring your department or office.
  • To continuously strive and search for ways to improve our service to you.
  • To keep you abreast of industry updates, changes, and deadlines as it applies to medical documentation and the use of scribes.


Your scribe program will be overseen by an assigned Site Manager who carries the authority to make most decisions right then and there. We find that this is especially useful in emergency departments where changes can occur (physician schedules, etc.) with little notice. You will always have the ability to implement most changes to your scribe program as you and your Site Manager see fit.