Key Features and Benefits

ScribeConnect Scribe Management Platform

We’ve built a robust, agile platform for you to manage your medical scribing needs. The ScribeConnect Scribe Management Platform can be customized to meet the end-to-end needs of a fully functional medical scribe program, whether it’s completely in-house, or if you’re transitioning from an existing scribe vendor, or to complement what you’ve already built.

See below for a list of features and benefits that makes our platform different from your average full-service scribe programs.

  • Training Center
  • Team Management
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Tasks

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Training Center

Select from a complete, comprehensive list of courses in our training center to assign to your medical scribe team as an ongoing scribe training process, or ensure each onboarding of new scribes is prepared for the basics of scribing with a comprehensive online scribe training course.

Our available courses cover a variety of specialties, as well as ongoing training for existing scribes. Assign a course to a team of scribes, or customize training for location-specific needs. Each course can be assigned to customized teams that you create in the Team Management tool.


Team Management

No matter how large or small your scribe needs, you need a way to manage your “team.” ScribeConnect Scribe Management Platform provides you with a customizable team management solution that can grow as your team grows. Manage and customize roles, add or subtract team members, assign training and tasks, and evaluate scribe performance to stay on top of your medical scribe program.

Whether you have multiple locations spread across a geographical area, or a single physician team that covers a largely rural region, you can assign individuals or teams to each location to give you quick access to team members.


Applicant Tracking System

The first step to a successful medical scribe program is to find qualified candidates. Even if you already have a successful medical scribe program, by the very nature of the entry-level nature of medical scribes, and the most qualified candidates being pre-med or pre-PA students transitioning between their undergraduate and graduate work, you’re likely always looking to hire more medical scribes.

Our powerful Applicant Tracking System gives you access to a list of top job boards available, instantly post scribe job openings to multiple sites, review and schedule interviews with applicants, track, communicate, and message ALL from a convenient, single page.

  • Post job openings
  • Review and track applications
  • Instant access to multiple job boards
  • Manage candidates and communications


Create, manage, and assign individual scribes specific tasks such as completing evaluation forms, or view and manage tasks assigned across your healthcare organization, team, or specific roles. Track and review complete and incomplete assignments to ensure compliance, performance, and timely completion.


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Our scribe management software is the most powerful Healthcare SaaS Platform designed for medical scribe program recruitment, training, certification, management, and compliance at multi-state healthcare networks, regional hospitals, and small private practices. Get access to the entire platform for free and pay only for the courses you need.


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