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Risk-free financial model helps your educational institute offer medical scribe education courses

Partnering with ScribeConnect to offer a medical scribe program of study at your College or University can have a significant positive ROI for your department. We have developed a special program for universities and colleges with pre-med students that has little-to-no risk to you, our partners, while providing an excellent financial benefit. Our partnership package allows you to offer valuable scribe training courses to students on track for medical or PA post-graduate schools, while monetizing on existing content with no financial risk, and a quick and simple integration. Schedule a meeting to find out more about how your institution can offer these beneficial courses to your students and be rewarded for little effort!
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Minimize Risk
With no associated costs, your department can include medical scribing in your course offerings. We retain a small portion of revenues and you keep the rest.
Enhance Student Opportunities
Medical Scribing is the fastest growing position in healthcare and America needs well-trained medical scribes in every town.
Simple Integration
The ScribeConnect Platform seamlessly integrates into your online learning environment or can be used as a stand alone product for your department.

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