ScribeConnect SaaS Platform

How To Use Our Platform

The ScribeConnect Scribe Management Platform is designed to make the process of working with a medical scribe program easier. Our intuitive platform interface is easy to use and quick to learn. Below you’ll find a quick walkthrough of the platform interface.


How to use Platform for Healthcare Organizations

    1. Dashboard: Access key functions of the platform at a glance.
    2. Training Center: See available scribe training, assign training courses to scribes, and track progress for assigned courses.
    3. Tasks: Create and assign tasks for teams and individuals. Monitor and track task progress.
    4. Users: Invite individual scribes and manage user roles.
    5. Teams: Create role-based or location-based teams and manage scribes at an organizational level.
    6. Recruiting: Create job posting templates, post jobs, and review candidates and applicants.
    7. Templates: Create custom templates or manage existing templates for communication, evaluation, or job postings.
    8. Messages: Communicate with team members privately.
    9. Accounts: Manage your account and sub-accounts.
    10. Notifications
    11. Account Profile: Manage your account, view purchase history, change password and customize account details.



How to use Platform for Individual Scribes

  1. Dashboard: View jobs you’ve applied to and your courses
  2. Training Center: Search scribe training courses catalog, access your current courses, or review your completed courses.
  3. Tasks: Review your tasks.
  4. Job Board: Access hundreds of job postings across the nation and in your region, apply to jobs using your profile and resume directly from the platform.
  5. Messages: Communicate with hiring managers.
  6. Notifications
  7. Account Profile: Edit your profile, update your biography and resume, add existing training and certification.