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Transitioning to In-House Scribes Is Easier than Ever for
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This is how medical scribe program should be. Accurate, efficient, and affordable documentation help can be fully under your healthcare organization’s control. With the ScribeConnect Scribe Management Platform you can have the best part of medical scribe’s EHR documentation help right in your organization.

ScribeConnect provides medical scribe programs to any provider, any time, anywhere.

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Software Platform Built to Meet Your Medical Scribe Needs

ScribeConnect helps you hire, train, and retain medical scribes for your EHR documentation needs.

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Centralized SaaS Software that Works Any Time, Anywhere

Survey shows only 1 out of every 9 physicians enjoys the benefit of medical scribes. And only 1 out of every 5 healthcare organizations deploy a full-time scribe program to help ease the documentation burden of their providers.

ScribeConnect aims to change that, with the Scribe Management Platform that allows any healthcare organization to start and maintain a medical scribe program.



Reduce Costs

Our streamlined management of local hiring, specialized training, and performance auditing means large savings on any vital internal project.

Lower Turnover

Our platform keeps current and future scribes engaged and learning, building their contribution to your healthcare organization over time.

Improve Outcomes

Your internal scribe program adds to patient satisfaction, staff quality of life, operational efficiency, and frees you to focus on other priorities.

ScribeConnect SaaS Platform


ScribeConnect Scribe Management Platform has a rich set of features already built-in, utilizing our decades of experience managing full-service scribe programs across the nation:

  • Comprehensive Scribe Training Center
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Team Management Tools
  • Automated Work Flows and Sequences
  • Tasks and Schedules
  • Sub Accounts
  • Notifications
  • …and much more!
Why ScribeConnect – In-house scribes program

Why ScribeConnect?

When providers burn out, patients suffer. That is why we feel compelled to provide documentation assistance via medical scribes to any provider, any time, anywhere. We know any provider who has had the privilege to work with a scribe, has enjoyed the experience. That’s why we’ve turned over a decade of hiring, training, and managing scribes into an easy to use software platform, so whether a full-service third-party provider like us is feasible or not, we want to make sure your physicians have the help of a medical scribe when they need one.


Fully Managed, Full Service, Turn Key, Medical Scribe Programs

Looking instead for a contracted scribe service provider? ScribeConnect provides:


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