Take control of YOUR medical scribe program

Never spend another hour documenting in your EHR. Again.

Medical scribes are supposed to make EHR documentation easy. While the scribing industry has made tremendous strides to decrease burn-out and improve quality of life for physicans and providers, problem still persist with the traditional scribing model. Whether it’s lack of access, high cost of third-party providers, or high turnovers and missed shifts, what is supposed to make EHR documentation easier hasn’t always worked well for YOU.


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In-house medical scribe program done YOUR way

This is how medical scribing is supposed to be

That’s why we say here at ScribeConnect, no doctor should ever spend another hour documenting in your EHR. Again. We believe the next level of medical scribing is for you to take full control of your in-house medical scribe program. Reduce cost, improve turnover, and manage shifts effectively all from the convenience of a cloud-based, secure platform you can access remotely. In fact, it’s the same platform we use to hire, train, and retain our own full-service scribe program.


Full-service, Turnkey Medical Scribe Solution

We hire, train, and manage so you don’t have to

If you need medical scribe services fast, but don’t want to deal with the overhead of hiring and managing additional staff, our full-service, turnkey medical scribe solution is here to help. As one of America’s earliest and most experienced scribe service providers, we bring efficient and worry-free EHR documentation assistance to you. Whether you’re a large hospital with a busy emergency department, or a small family practice and clinic, we can manage your entire medical scribe program from recruitment, hiring, training, and ongoing scribe education and management.

If you’re looking to start a new medical scribe program, or are transitioning from another service provider, we promise to deliver medical scribe services to any provider, any time, anywhere.

ScribeConnect SaaS Platform

Any Provider, Any Time, Anywhere

The ScribeConnect Medical Scribe Management Platform is what we use to hire, train, and manage our own scribes

We have deployed medical scribe solutions for healthcare organizations large and small using our industry-leading SaaS Platform.

  • Hospitals and Healthcare Systems
  • Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Facilities
  • Independent Doctor’s Networks or Practice Management Groups
  • Physician groups
  • Medical specialties
  • Single physician clinics and family practices

ScribeConnect manages the entirety of a scribe program for you from recruitment, onboarding, training, and certification to scheduling, team management, quality assurance, compliance, insurance, and more.

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Why Medical Scribes?

Combat physician burn-out with medical scribes!

Studies have shown that scribes significantly improve patient satisfaction and reduce physician burnout.

Don’t believe us? Read this article from the Annals of Family Medicine.

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