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Scribe Solution Designed on SaaS Platform

A powerful new SaaS Medical Scribe Management Platform is finally available to all healthcare organizations. ScribeConnect is the first medical scribe company to create a comprehensive software-driven, online scribe management platform designed to bring medical scribe service to any provider, any time, anywhere.

Whether you’re a small clinic operating in rural America, an independent doctor’s network providing hospital support in an urban center, or a large hospital with a busy emergency department, our solution is designed to scale, grow, and accommodate your medical scribing needs.

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Hospitals and Emergency Departments

Hospitals and EDs are traditionally our largest customer base, and have the highest utilization of medical scribes within the healthcare space. If you already have a successful medical scribe program in place, that’s great. You may even be using our services to provide medical scribes.

Whether you’ve deployed your own in-house scribes already, or using a third-party full-service medical scribe provider like ScribeConnect, our platform can still help you manage your existing scribe team. With a robust Team Management tool, and Tasks and Role assignments, you can deploy our platform as a hybrid solution to your current scribe workflow.


IDNs and Practice Management Groups

Due to the complexity of the network or the group of physicians under contract, IDNs and Practice Management Groups can sometimes struggle to provide documentation assistance to their physicians. The number of different locations, clients, and contracts serviced, plus the overhead incurred by contracting third-party scribe providers makes hiring scribes a difficult proposition.

With our scribe management platform, you can easily assign scribes to different roles, sub-brands, or individual locations and manage them as teams for each practice, or each hospital contract. Our platform makes hiring, training, and managing your own in-house scribe program easy.


Specialties and Physicians Groups

Medical scribes are typically trained to cover a small gamut of general and emergency medical practices. While scribes trained for specialties such as cardiology, urology, or OB/GYN are available, they’re the exception rather than the norm.

For specialty providers and physicians groups with mixed practices, the ability to provide practice-specific training to more effectively document has been a hurdle to implementing a successful medical scribe program. Our SaaS-based platform addresses and alleviates that burden by providing online training tailored for each specialty, and each scribe can be assigned training based on their role under the Team Management tool.


Individual Physicians and/or Small Clinics

Small individual physicians and clinics have traditionally had trouble securing medical scribes and documentation help. The majority of the 8 out of 9 physicians that do not have access to documentation help are typically family practices and small clinics. The time, resources, and effort required to supply a turn-key, full-service scribe program just isn’t cost-effective for third-party scribe providers on a small scale like this.

Yet small clinics and physicians are just as stressed by the transition to EHR as any provider. With ScribeConnect Scribe Management Platform, you can hire, train, and retain qualified candidates to help you with documentation needs, with minimum overhead and little interruption to your current workflow.


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