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We Do Things Differently

Being a medical scribe can be one of the most rewarding jobs you will ever have. It is an experience unlike any other. At ScribeConnect, we do things a little differently.

We invest in your future beyond the walls of the facility in which you work. We encourage you to stay physically active, travel internationally on medical mission trips, and give back to your local community– and we help provide you the resources necessary to make this possible.

Our main focus will always be on the physicians and healthcare facilities we serve. We realize that when we have healthy and fulfilling personal lives, we are in a better position to provide quality scribe services to our clients. After all your international travels, triathlons, and volunteer hours, come to work ready to make a dynamic impact upon those around you.

Typically, you will assist one physician throughout his or her entire shift (8-12 hours). The primary focus is to complete the documentation of patient medical records in real-time. To do this, however, you will be following the provider into patients’ rooms, listening to their stories, observing the provider in his or her assessment of the patient, and assisting him/her with non-clinical tasks. You may be asked to pull up the patient’s old medical records, locate delayed test results, or page consulting physicians. In short, you become an integral part of the medical team.

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