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America's leading medical scribe training courseware supported and powered on our custom-built, full-stack application that integrates scribe education, management, recruitment, certification, regulatory compliance, educational resources, and more with robust team management capabilities.

Healthcare Organizations
Access all the resources, expertise, support, and features you need to build your own strong, self-run, internal medical scribe program

Educational Institutions
Offer industry-leading medical scribe certification courses and degree programs

Scribes and pre-medical individuals
Find the training, jobs, and tools you need to launch your medical career
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Less Turnover. Lower Costs. Better Outcomes.

Healthcare Organizations
Get your scribes started off right with the best scribe training available. Conveniently manage your scribes with intuitive tools to help recruit, track applicants, train & certify scribes, and manage teams. Build and grow a strong and dynamic scribe program of any size with confidence.
Educational Institutions
Build your scribe training and certification programs on our industry-leading medical scribe courses. From entry-level scribe curriculum to advanced scribe management theory, find what you need for your offerings.
Aspiring scribes begin their education and path to employment here, while experienced scribes can learn valuable new skills and specialty-specific knowledge to take it to the next level.

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