We are always sharing innovations and developments in the medical scribe industry and our unique approach to employing and training them.
Transcriptionist, AI Dictation, or Medical Scribes?
Medical transcriptionist, dictation, or medical scribes? There's some confusion in the industry on what each of these categories of EHR documentation specialties mean. It's not uncommon that we'd speak to a doctor about what we do, and we'd be told…
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Is the traditional scribe model broken?
Medical scribe turnover can lead to charting efficiency problems and lack of billing accuracy. This is a common issue we hear from our clients and customers. To no fault of our wonderful scribes, and certainly not by the partners and…
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How do scribes assist healthcare providers?
What is a medical scribe? A medical scribe is someone who works alongside and assists a health care provider in documenting important information needed to complete an accurate medical chart. Scribes are responsible for recording a patient’s clinical history, current…
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Observation Procedure
Below is a series on Best Practices for Medical Scribes on Observation Procedures by Alex Serrano You can read more of Alex's scribing observations, best practices, and dissertations on the healthcare industry in our blog section. When a patient complains…
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Differences Between Working with a PA and MD/DO in the ED
By Rowena Feng Below we highlight the 4 main differences between working with a PA and MD/DO in the ED. Differences Between: PA MD/OD Patient Demographic The type of patients you'll see vary from age, medical history, and acuity. childrenadults…
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