ScribeConnect Launches the First Online Scribe Training and Management Platform

Online training SaaS Platform from ScribeConnect – 12/06/2021

ScribeConnect, LLC, one of America’s leading providers of medical scribe services, announced today the industry’s first and only medical scribe software platform designed to enable and assist healthcare organizations to implement and run their own internal medical scribe program.

Medical scribe services have traditionally been provided by third-party scribe companies, but these services haven’t always been available to practices under a certain size or in certain geographies. Even with access to contracted scribe services, many healthcare organizations would prefer to operate their own scribe program but need some level of assistance, curriculum, and expertise to tackle recruitment, training, and management of their scribe program.

The ScribeConnect Platform has been designed to address all of these issues at an affordable cost. Whether a remote clinic looking for a single scribe, or a metropolitan hospital looking for scribes throughout its various departments, the ScribeConnect Platform provides healthcare organizations with a pool of scribe candidates, technology to post jobs and vet candidates, and an industry-leading scribe education curriculum designed for the professional workplace. 

“This really is a full-featured platform that we have designed.” Erich Rempel, CEO of ScribeConnect says. “We have taken over a decade of experience, stakeholder feedback, and industry analysis and translated that into a first-of-its-kind fully-featured software, technology, and training curriculum platform that allows healthcare organizations to curate a scribe program at their own facility.  It makes the whole process really simple and straightforward without sacrificing quality.

Scribe companies want you to think that it is ‘difficult, expensive, and hard’ to have scribes which is why you should contract with them. But we’ve made it easy by providing an entire ecosystem of tools, education, and software at an extremely competitive price point. ScribeConnect is committed to helping with documentation support at healthcare organizations nationwide, regardless of location or size of the facility.” 

The medical scribe industry has been evolving over the past few years as costs increase, and many healthcare organizations have been left dissatisfied by the level of service they’ve received from their scribe vendor. Rempel believes that in time the majority of healthcare will assimilate the medical scribe role into their own HR department. “We are partnering with healthcare organizations and local colleges and universities to enable the medical scribe role to become as common as any Allied Health position in medical facilities,” Rempel says. ScribeConnect’s ultimate goal is to reduce the cost to healthcare for services medical scribes provide, increase medical scribe retention, and champion scribe education and certification in the Allied Health field throughout America. 

Online training platform from ScribeConnect on a laptop
ScribeConnect online training platform

About ScribeConnect

ScribeConnect is a privately held company founded in 2012 with the mission to provide exceptional medical scribe service to ‘any provider; any time; any where’. ScribeConnect does this by focusing on the culture and people of ScribeConnect; providing a great place to work, industry-leading training and education, and competitive compensation. ScribeConnect has since grown from a full-service scribe vendor to providing the industry’s only online platform that enables healthcare organizations to hire, train, and retain their own medical scribes at a fraction of the cost of a third-party scribe vendor, but with all of the support, education, and tools necessary for a robust scribe program.

We at ScribeConnect are focused on providing exceptional online scribe training courses for the healthcare industry. If you are an educational institute, student organization, or content creator for the healthcare and medical scribe industry, we welcome the opportunity to form a partnership to help out the rest of the medical industry. Please contact us at

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