Hospital Networks

If you are a physician looking for help in reducing your non-clinical workload or an administrator looking to improve your hospital’s efficiency and physician retention/recruiting capabilities, we can help in several ways.

We work with hospitals and physicians to define the problems and provide solutions. In many cases, hospitals find it most beneficial to provide scribes to specialists who are visiting patients within the hospital. The scribe is assigned to that physician until he or she has completed their rounds. The scribe is then re-assigned to incoming physicians on a case-by-case basis.

This method greatly increases physician satisfaction, efficiency, and retention at hospitals. They no longer have to learn individual hospital EMR systems, remember where to find medical records, test results, and other information. The scribe is there to CONNECT them to all of these resources.

Regardless of the situation or need, we will work with the individual hospital and physicians to determine the most efficient and beneficial solutions.

ScribeConnect is the platform that provides


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