Outpatient Clinics

If you work in an outpatient setting, then you know firsthand the pressures associated with increasing patient volume while reducing office costs. ScribeConnect can help alleviate the nonclinical workload you experience with every patient. Our scribes drastically reduce your amount of paperwork and computer data entry, thus allowing you to focus more on patient care, while reducing your stress.

Private Practice

We know private practices are often overwhelmed by the number of patients wanting to be seen. ScribeConnect is committed to providing you with the resources you need to help alleviate some of this burden. If you are a primary care provider, then you have probably felt like the wind has been taken out of you since being mandated to switch to EHRs. If you have recently switched to EHRs or still need to, we can help make the transition painless.

Our scribe services provide you the opportunity to increase your productivity even when switching to a new electronic record system. We are experts in EHR documentation and clerical services. If needed, we can also help you choose an EHR that is right for your practice.

Specialty Clinics

Scribes provide significant relief for physicians in specialty clinics. Our scribes receive training specific to the medical specialty in which they will be working. As requirements increase to maintain the same level of reimbursements while regulations continue to tighten, scribes can help you find relief in the time-consuming task of documenting your patient’s visit and medical procedures.

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