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Medical Scribe Service Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

Medical scribe services for your clinic, physicians group, or hospital.

ScribeConnect is leading the change in the medical scribe service industry. Healthcare organizations, such as medical clinics, physicians groups, medical specialties, emergency departments, urgent care, and hospital systems are no longer reliant on third-party scribe vendors to successfully run a scribe program. With the online ScribeConnect Platform, healthcare organizations now have all of the resources, education, tools, and support they need to implement, develop, and operate their own internal scribe program. Transitioning from a third-party scribe vendor will directly translate into a 15%-50% cost savings without loss to the education curriculum, management resources, recruiting, and much more.

We’ve taken what has traditionally been very difficult (training scribes, high turnover, recruiting, etc) and have built powerful tools so that it is easy, accessible, and financially sound for healthcare organizations to run their own internal medical scribe programs. Our software integrates scribe recruitment, training, certification, management, compliance, and more into your organization’s workflow without the cost and effort of building your own program from the ground up. From compliance issues to insurance to custom training and management, ScribeConnect is the platform for your organization’s future.

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Patient Care Organizations

Medical Scribe Service Solutions for Operating Hospitals, Emergency Departments, and Clinics

When you want to develop your own in-house medical scribe service program, ScribeConnect’s platform solves recruitment, hiring, training, management, compliance, and other challenges for your organization. You have the ability to seek out the best talent in your area to increase your chances of scribe satisfaction and retention. We’ve removed all the guesswork to sourcing, training, and managing scribes in your hospital, emergency department, or outpatient clinic.

Of course, if you need medical scribes but are not ready to commit to building a scribe program of your own, ScribeConnect can help you staff your team with experienced and qualified scribes. Submit an inquiry below or schedule a meeting with us and we’ll help you assess your needs.

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Reduce Costs

Our streamlined management of local hiring, specialized training, and performance auditing means large savings on a vital internal project.

Lower Turnover

Our platform keeps current and future scribes engaged and learning, building their contribution to your healthcare organization over time.

Improve Outcomes

Your internal scribe program adds to patient satisfaction, staff quality of life, operations efficiency, and your many other priorities.

About us: ScribeConnect provides Medical Scribing solutions

Practice Management Groups

Medical Scribe Solutions for Managing Hospitals, Emergency Departments, or Clinics

Our software platform enables Healthcare Management Service Organizations (MSOs), or Practice Management Groups, to offer medical scribes to every client with just a few clicks, regardless of client size. Scribes professionally trained and certified to your client’s needs can increase patient throughput and boost revenues as well as impress clinicians with improved patient satisfaction and retention. Expand and optimize your practice management solutions with ScribeConnect.

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Adaptable Software

Offer scribe services that address your client’s future strategy, deliverables, metrics, and more.

Higher Retention

Easy placement and quality training keep skilled professionals in place, saving on costs for you and your clients.

Easy Expansion

ScribeConnect’s platform scales with you based on you and your clients’ needs.

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The Future of Medical Scribing

Build your medical scribe future with ScribeConnect. The ScribeConnect Platform integrates recruitment, training, certification, regulatory compliance, team management, educational resources, and more all in one place. Healthcare Organizations now have access to robust resources to build their own internal medical scribe programs with minimal effort and expense, Educational Institutions can now offer industry-leading medical scribe certification courses and degree programs, and scribes and pre-medical individuals can find the tools they need to launch their careers.

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