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Patient care organizations such as Hospitals, clinics, and emergency departments build, hire, and train their internal scribe programs with ScribeConnect. We are a fully-featured software platform that provides tools to healthcare organizations that enable them to develop and run their own internal scribe programs. Leveraging our platform, hospitals, clinics, and emergency departments can now take full control on how to implement, recruit, hire, train, and manage scribes on the front lines of patient care for a fraction of the cost of conventional scribe service providers.

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Benefit to Academic Institutions: Increased Profit

Reduce Costs

Healthcare providers often turn to third-party scribe vendors due to the difficulty with recruitment, retention, and training. Running and managing a scribe program is difficult and can be cost prohibitive when outsourced. ScribeConnect has developed a powerful solution for organizations who wish to utilize scribes and keep costs to a minimum. Healthcare organizations can now implement, run, and manage their own internal scribe program with the support and reliability of ScribeConnect’s comprehensive software platform. All for a minimal cost of the overall program. Organizations can save between 15%-50% with ScribeConnect vs conventional third-party contracted scribe services while at the same time getting all of the support, tools, education, and resources needed to successfully operate internal scribe programs.

Being a medical scribe can be exciting

Lower Turnover

ScribeConnect partners with Allied Health programs across America. We believe that every college will one day have a scribe course of study or certificate program. The medical scribes of the future are allied health professionals who are looking for long-term careers in their field. At ScribeConnect, we are already seeing a change in medical scribe job tenure and career longevity due to this shift in recruitment and training focus. Our platform, recruiting tools, and industry focus is improving the turnover rates at healthcare organizations nation wide.


Improve Outcomes

ScribeConnect can help improve metrics for patient satisfaction, staff job satisfaction, and many other metrics that matter to your organization. The platform also comes with the tools to monitor productivity and other relevant factors that help quantify the value of specific scribes and their skills. By reducing operating costs and lowering turnover, your in-house scribe team is an integral part of your organization’s success and patient’s well being.

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