Do you run a practice management group? ScribeConnect medical scribe solutions may be for you.

Medical Scribe Solutions for Practice Management Groups

Improve provider morale, decrease turnover, and increase ROI with medical scribe solutions for your practice management group

Management of hospital services and private practices takes the weight off physicians who want to focus on patient care. Medical scribes do the same, by creating and managing vital records that provide the foundation for health. ScribeConnect is your platform for offering scribes to every practice, clinic, or hospital at a low initial cost – a product that finally resolves the triangle of cost, quality, and time.

ScribeConnect manages the recruitment and training of medical scribes based on client geography and needs. We also provide the tools for you and your clients to monitor performance, conduct audits, and other methods to increase efficiency. Our extensive training and placement programs keep scribes in place longer, reducing turnover, and increasing revenue for you and your managed hospitals and practices.

You can offer medical scribes alongside allied health professionals, administrative staff and other personnel to thriving private practices for a manageable maintenance fee. Scribes often increase satisfaction in all care settings by reducing stress, streamlining schedules, and keeping clinical staff on license.

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From the largest healthcare network to the smallest private practice, clinicians and their administrators require increasing customization for their support services. ScribeConnect provides the foundation and tools necessary so you can leverage your group’s familiarity with client needs and key performance indicators (KPIs) to create a recruitment, training, and management program where everyone wins.

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Higher Retention

Utilizing America’s #1 medical scribe job board and training program, you’ll reduce your onboarding and training costs while improving long-term scribe retention. Traditionally, the medical scribe role has experienced high turnover as scribes move on to other jobs in healthcare. It’s our mission to help you identify potential team members with the highest skill levels and career interest so you can get the right placements, saving on costs and increasing client satisfaction.

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Easy Expansion

Practice management groups often expand along with their clients’ practice or their own portfolios. ScribeConnect’s platform gives all levels of access to options for sourcing, training, and managing scribes for any number of hospitals or practices. You can hire and manage a growing number of medical scribes as you serve a growing number of healthcare providers.

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