COMPREHENSIVE – Medical Scribe Training Course


Cornerstone course for all entry-level medical Scribes. The Comprehensive Medical Scribe Training Course (COMP-MSTC) is the industry-leading, academically-based medical scribe course for entry-level students with no healthcare background and those experienced scribes looking to improve their knowledge base and expertise. Comes with COMP-MSTC Certification upon successful completion of course.

Last Updated: 11/23/20
Language: English
Course Length: 15 Credit Hrs
What you will learn:
How to accurately and completely document a provider's chart
Relevant medical coding to ensure proper documentation
Medico-legal Aspects of medical documentation
Real-to-life patient scenarios giving you the experience and confidence to work independently as a medical scribe

This Comprehensive Medical Scribe Training Course provides you with the necessary foundational information necessary to work as a medical scribe. This course also includes tips and industry inside information on how to maximize your effectiveness as a medical scribe. Upon completing this course, you will have the knowledge required to move deeper into medical specialty-specific scribe training.

Information will be presented in four modules:

  1. General & Regulatory Aspects of Clinical Documentation
  2. Medical Aspects of Clinical Documentation
  3. Financial & Business Aspects of Clinical Documentation
  4. Legal Aspects of Clinical Documentation
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Course Content
Chapter 1 | Introduction
Chapter 2 | The Scribe Role
Chapter 3 | Workflow in the Clinical Environment
Chapter 4 | A Typical Scribe Shift
Chapter 5 | Industry Regulations (HIPAA & HITECH)
Chapter 6 | The Provider SOAP Note
Chapter 7 | Example Provider Note
Chapter 8 | Medical Terminology and Pathology
Chapter 9 | Diagnostic Laboratory Studies
Chapter 10 | Diagnostic Imaging Studies
Chapter 11 | Medical Procedures
Chapter 12 | Healthcare Industry - History Overview
Chapter 13 | The Joint Commission
Chapter 14 | CMS's Quality Initiative Programs for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations
Chapter 15 | CMS's Quality Payment Programs for Eligible Clinicians
Chapter 16 | E&M Coding - ICD, HCPCS, & CPT
Chapter 17 | Coding, Billing and Reimbursement
Chapter 18 | The Scribe Role in Medical Coding
Chapter 19 | Two-Fold Legality
Chapter 20 | Legal Aspects of Regulatory Compliance
Chapter 21 | The Legal Medical Record
Chapter 22 | Medico-Legal Documentation I - Audits and Amendments
Chapter 23 | Medico-legal Documentation II - The Expanded SOOOAAP Note
Chapter 24 | Malpractice Prevention
COMPREHENSIVE - Medical Scribe Training Course: Final Exam
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This course includes:
15 Credit Hours of Medical Scribe Training
Real-time feedback with progressive knowledge checks
COMP-MSTC Certification
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