Continuing Scribe Education (CSE) – Emergency Medicine (EM) – PNEUMOTHORAX (PTX)


Sharpen your medical scribe skills and take your knowledge to another level with this CSE Credit Course that is custom designed for the medical scribe. You will learn valuable scribe-specific tips-and-tricks, best documentation practices, and what an ideal scribe chart looks like for this patient scenario. Keep up to date with the latest information by completing at least one CSE Credit Course per month. A good scribe never stops learning.

Last Updated: 2/3/2021
Language: English
Course Length: 0.5 hrs
What you will learn:
You will develop an in-depth understanding of the important aspects of documenting a patient presenting with symptoms consistent with a Pneumothorax, or PTX
Critical coding and billing topics specific to this medical process
What an ideal medical scribe chart looks like for this medical process

In this Continuing Scribe Education (CSE) Credit Course, you will gain a detailed understanding of documenting a patient presenting with symptoms consistent with a Pneumothorax, or PTX, and everything you need to consider and document as a medical scribe. We look at this patient scenario from what we call the Three Pillars of Medical Documentation:

  1. Financial (Coding/Billing)
  2. Medical
  3. Legal

In our academically-rigorous CSE Credit Courses, you can expect to be challenged and pushed beyond your current knowledge base. Incorporating CSE Credit Courses on a monthly basis will keep you sharp, focused, and indispensable at your medical practice.

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Course Content
What is a pneumothorax?
Types of pneumothoraces
Diagnosis: Physical Exam
Diagnosis: Workup
Treatment: Primary and Secondary Spontaneous Pneumothoraces
Tips for Charting a Pneumothorax Case
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This course includes:
0.5 Continuing Scribe Education (CSE) Credits
In-Depth Look at a Sample Ideal Scribe Chart
CSE Credit Certificate
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