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We are geared for the future of medicine, which means our scribes are trained on ICD-10, upcoming phases of Meaningful Use, new CMS requirements, and other vital aspects related to the field of medicine. It is our goal to assist our partners not only in medical documentation but also in keeping current with the fluid medical environment within which we work.

To accomplish this, we refer to our scribes as ‘executive assistants’. Our scribes assist providers (the ‘executive’) in an array of areas, the core responsibility being the documentation of the patient’s visit. Beyond that, scribes assist with communication between the provider and other staff, obtaining old medical records, answering and making calls, navigating the EHR and any other clerical task. We are active in our pursuit of supporting and improving your efficiency and job satisfaction.

Your complete Scribe Program Package includes:

1. Simple, cost-effective, and predictable cost structure.

2. Initial and ongoing professional scribe recruiting, hiring, training, and certification.

3. Our professional Intensive Training Program (ITP) includes 65-80 hours of training and testing in the following areas:

  • HIPAA compliance and professionalism
  • Hospital and department-specific orientation
  • CMS Core Measures
  • PQRS/Meaningful Use
  • Professional coding criteria
  • Your specific EMR or paper template system
  • E&M Levels
  • Medical documentation
  • Medical-legal aspects of documentation
  • Medical abbreviations and terminology
  • Introductory pharmacology
  • Basic Anatomy
  • Patient Scenarios

4. A tiered system of scribe evaluations and competency assessments that ensures continual improvement in the performance level of our scribes and adherence to all facility, local, state and federal regulations.

5. On-site scribe management with the experience, training, and authority to implement site-specific changes to meet the varying and changing needs of your physician group and/or department.

6. You will ALWAYS have direct access to our executive management team, ensuring the best customer service.

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