For Individual Physicians and/or Small Clinics

In-house scribe program that suite your unique needs

As the EHR transition continues to drive the burden of documentation to care providers, individual physicians and small clinics face a conundrum. “Do I hire for additional documentation help, or should I continue to spend the bulk of my working time in front of a computer instead of interacting with patients?”

Third-party Scribe Service isnt’ Available?

For years third-party medical scribe providers have avoided family practices and single physician clinics because the cost to implement a successful scribe program for ONE doctor is prohibitive. It’s easier to justify the overhead of hiring a dozen scribes for a busy emergency department, rather than hire and train a single scribe in a market where candidates are not widely available.

As a small clinic, you face documentation burden from an EHR just like an ED for a large hospital. In fact, because of your small footprint, you actually spend a significant percentage amount of your working hours doing documentation.


Help is on the way.

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Introducing the ScribeConnect Scribe Management Platform

A SaaS Platform designed to help any provider, any time, anywhere.

Studies have shown, and it’s common sense that, as care providers spend more quality time in patient interaction, it improves your operational bottom line. As a single physician clinic or a small family practice, you don’t have the time and resources to hire, train, and manage a scribe program from scratch, and very few third-party medical scribe companies will work with you.

That doesn’t mean you can’t find a solution to alleviate your documentation burden. With ScribeConnect’s Scribe Management Platform, you don’t need an overwhelming budget or a commitment to staff multiple full-time employees to get a scribe solution in place.

Platform Overview

Our software Platform also gives you the flexibility to implement your own solution. Here are a few possible scenarios that would fit your clinic’s operation

Hire a pre-med/pre-PA student

Use our ScribeConnect Platform to recruit, hire, train, and maintain your in-house medical scribe program.

Train a clinical staff

Our comprehensive scribe training program can be applied to any staff on-site. Train an existing MA or CNA to assist with your EHR documentation.

Hybrid approach

Train an existing staff to assist with EHR documentation first, then recruit a medical scribe for part-time shift, sharing documentation responsibilities between them.

ScribeConnect SaaS Platform

The ScribeConnect Scribe Management Platform allows you to:

  • Recruit medical scribes in your area effectively
  • Train scribe candidate virtually before they start their in-person shifts
  • Manage their ongoing training
    Assign long term and short term tasks

All from a single platform, with a simple to use interface but a robust feature set. On an affordable monthly subscription or annual pricing plan.
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ScribeConnect Scribe Management Platform

Our robust platform allows you or someone from your practice to actively manage the team, assign tasks and training, and eliminate hours of training and in-person management to provide maximum relief of your documentation burden and minimum operational hassle.

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