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For Hospitals and Emergency Departments

Transition to a modern way of managing medical scribe programs

If you already have your own medical scribe program, or have contracted with a third-party, full-serivce medical scribe provider, that’s great! Your physicians are likely happier and work shorter hours than doctors at hospitals and EDs that don’t.

Not All Scribe Programs are Perfect

In our 10 year’s of experience providing medical scribes for healthcare organizations large and small, one thing we’ve learned is that there’s always room for improvement and processes that can make it more efficient.

Today, where margin pressure and operational efficiency are top-of-mind for every hospital operator, one area of improvement may be in how you run your medical scribe program.


Help is on the way.

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Supplement your Scribe Program with ScribeConnect Platform

The only SaaS Scribe Management Platform in Healthcare Industry

We designed our ScribeConnect Platform with one thing in mind. Flexibility. The traditional “medical scribe” as low-cost labor is unsustainable. Over time, the revolving door of hiring and training scribes only to have them leave to go back to school, and the necessity to repeat this process every six months to a year can create additional strain and inefficiencies in your operations.

The next evolution of medical scribing involves a hybrid model. Increase your pool of documentation assistants to include care team members such as MAs and CNAs. Staff medical scribes accordingly but have some entry-level staff trained on documentation help to provide flexibility and stability to a traditionally high-turnover workforce

Whether you have an in-house program, work with a third-party turnkey medical scribe provider, or just looking to start hiring scribes yourself, ScribeConnect Platform will allow you to hire, train, and retain EHR documentation help through a cloud-based, easy to use platform.

Platform Overview

Medical Scribe Service Solutions for Operating Hospitals and Emergency Departments

Reduce Costs

Our streamlined management of local hiring, specialized training, and performance auditing means large savings on a vital internal project.

Lower Turnover

Our platform keeps current and future scribes engaged and learning, building their contribution to your healthcare organization over time.

Improve Outcomes

Your internal scribe program adds to patient satisfaction, staff quality of life, operations efficiency, and your many other priorities.

ScribeConnect SaaS Platform

The ScribeConnect Scribe Management Platform allows you to:

  • Assign comprehensive medical scribe training course to anyone
  • Evaluate, assess, and monitor each individual’s certification process
  • Create customized in-house training for administrative tasks
  • Manage existing team, hire and train scribes, MAs, and CNAs on scribing tasks remotely

Our comprehensive medical scribe training program takes our 10 plus year’s of experience in medical scribe training and distills it into an online training course that prepares anyone to be proficient in EHR documentation.

ScribeConnect Scribe Management Platform

Our robust platform allows administrators from your hospital or ED to actively manage the team, assign tasks and training, and eliminate hours of training and in-person management to provide maximum relief of your documentation burden and minimum operational hassle.

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