In-house scribe program made easy

For Specialties and Physicians Groups

In-house scribe program tailored to your specialty

Physician retention has been getting progressively more difficult and costly. And sometimes keeping your doctors in your physicians’ group, or your specialties and subspecialties doesn’t even involve higher pay, but better work-life balance and higher quality of life. These days compensation often comes second to how fulfilling the job is.

Only 1 out of 9 providers have access to scribes

We aim to change that.

In our last 10 years of providing quality medical scribe services to clients across the country, scribes are universally praised for their ability to alleviate the documentation burden from a physician. Almost every single doctor surveyed prefers the availability of scribes, yet only 1 out of every 9 currently has a medical scribe program available to them.

It’s time to reward your physicians on staff with a medical scribe program of your own.


Help is on the way.

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Starting your own medical scribe program is simple

Maybe you thought starting an in-house medical scribe program for your physicians is a monumental task. We don’t blame you. At ScribeConnect we’ve spent the last 10 years trying to perfect a medical scribe program. Now that we’ve gotten that process down to a repeatable science, we’re making it available to anyone wishing to hire, train, and retain their own in-house medical scribes.

Because our motto is documentation help should be available to any provider, any time, anywhere.

We’ve taken what we’ve learned the last 10 years and created the ScribeConnect Scribe Management Platform. A powerful, simple-to-use SaaS platform that enables healthcare organizations of any size to deploy medical scribes with ease.

Platform Overview

Here are a few possible scenarios that would fit your group’s operation

1:1 scribe to physician model

Hire, train, and manage your own scribes to match the number of physicians that require medical scribes.

Scribes trained on specialties

Have a dedicated scribe trained for specialties such as cardiology or OB/GYN if your group has mixed specialties.

Hybrid team of scribes and MAs

Rotate and cover multiple doctors; use our platform to manage teams and roles, and training to existing MAs for maximum coverage.

ScribeConnect SaaS Platform

The ScribeConnect Scribe Management Platform allows you to:

  • Hire and train medical scribes in your area
  • Specialty-specific training to help documentation for your physician’s needs
  • Task, allocate, and manage shifts between scribes and physicians effectively
  • Evaluate documentation performance and keep your highest-performing scribes
  • Manage team or teams of scribes across multiple locations and specialties

All from a single platform, with a simple to use interface but a robust feature set. On a simple monthly subscription or annual pricing plan.

ScribeConnect Scribe Management Platform

Actively manage groups of scribes and/or MAs from a single source, train new-hires and existing resources for documentation help, and improve your provider’s state-of-mind and efficiency all without adding significant overhead.

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