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Medical scribe certification is a new and growing field in allied health and patient care support. Many courses of study require a large investment in time and money for schools and colleges to develop, but ScribeConnect lets you cut straight to the education. Our time-tested curriculum and programming can be the basis for your next course listing.

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Benefit to Academic Institutions: Increased Profit

Benefit 1: Increase Profits

ScribeConnect is the perfect solution for colleges and universities looking to develop a medical scribe program or certification. An allied health program or medical career department can add medical scribe training to its offerings for minimal costs and time. ScribeConnect offers a generous profit sharing plan with no up-front costs to our educational partners.

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Partnering with ScribeConnect gives you customization options to your educational courses

Benefit 2: Customized Options

Whether you want the medical scribe curriculum or a certification program within your offerings, ScribeConnect is the future of scribe education. Scribe training can be its own certificate course in your program, or it can present the skills for your own examination later. You can even convert ScribeConnect’s training to be part of an existing degree or certificate in allied health, healthcare management, and other courses of study. A medical scribe certificate is a great add-on to your Medical Assisting program that benefits your graduates when looking for a job.

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Medical scribe training at educational institutes

Benefit 3: Academic Control

The medical scribe industry is young, and few government or board guidelines exist to qualify them. Your school’s name is the certification your graduates will carry. ScribeConnect protects that name by providing the foundation for training and evaluating scribe skills, while you retain the control to add new or existing modules to satisfy your needs or the needs of your partner institutions.

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Learn how a partnership with ScribeConnect can give a boost to your Allied Health Program

Colleges and universities across America are starting to implement medical scribe courses, degree programs, and certificate programs to support the burgeoning demand for medical scribes. ScribeConnect is leading the nation in public scribe education and certification.

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