FAMILY MEDICINE – Medical Scribe Training Course


The Family Medicine – Medical Scribe Training Course (EM-MSTC) is the industry-leading, academically-based medical scribe course for entry-level students and experienced scribes looking to work in a Family Medicine practice. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive the Family Medicine Medical Scribe add-on certification. If you are new to medical scribing, first complete the Comprehensive Medical Scribe Training Course that provides you with the complete foundation necessary to be a successful medical scribe.

Last Updated: 1/3/2021
Language: English
Course Length: 8.5 hours
What you will learn:
Family Medicine specialty-specific medical terminology, pharmacology, diagnostic studies, and interpretations
Extensive practice on over ten (10) FM-specific patient scenarios
Explore the day in the life of a FM Scribe

In this course, we will learn everything you need to know to be a successful medical scribe in a Family Medicine practice. Among many other topics, we will cover everything from medical terminology to common treatment plans to common diagnostic studies used in Family Medicine. This course is designed to be the second step in your medical scribe training. The Comprehensive Medical Scribe Training Course (COMP-MSTC) is necessary prior to taking this course if you are new to medical scribing. Ready? Let’s get started!

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Course Content
Chapter 1.1 | Overview of Family Medicine
Chapter 1.2 | Day in the Life of a FM Scribe
Chapter 2.1 | Introduction to Terminology
Chapter 2.2 | HPI
Chapter 2.3 | ROS
Chapter 2.4 | Exam
Chapter 2.5 | Diagnosis
Chapter 2 Quiz
Chapter 3.1 | Common Medications Part 1
Chapter 3.2 | Common Medications Part 2
Chapter 4.1 | Introduction to Labs
Chapter 4.2 | Out of Office Labs
Chapter 4.3 | Pairing Lab Results with Diagnoses
Chapter 4.4 | In House Labs
Chapter 4.5 | Labs Based on Visits
Chapter 4.6 | Numeric Ranges
Chapter 4 Quiz
Chapter 5.1 | Introduction to Imaging
Chapter 5.2 | X-Rays
Chapter 5.3 | Ultrasounds
Chapter 5.4 | CT Scans
Chapter 5.5 | MRI
Chapter 5.6 | Electrical Impulse Studies
Chapter 5 Quiz
Chapter 6.1 | Preventative Medicine Guidelines
Chapter 6.2 | Preventative Care Practice Cases
Chapter 7.1 | Introduction + General
Chapter 7.2 | Cardiovascular
Chapter 7.3 | Gastrointestinal
Chapter 7.4 | Genitourinary
Chapter 7.5 | Endocrinology
Chapter 7.6 | Pulmonology
Chapter 7.7 | Dermatology
Chapter 7.8 | Musculoskeletal
Chapter 7.9 | Ophthalmology
Chapter 7.10 | Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)
Chapter 7.11 | Neurology
Chapter 7.12 | Psychological
Chapter 7.13 | Hematology
Chapter 7.14 | Podiatry
FAMILY MEDICINE - Medical Scribe Training Course: Final Exam
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This course includes:
8.5 Medical Scribe Credit Hours
Real-time feedback with progressive knowledge checks
Family Medicine Add-on Certificate
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