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  • Transcriptionist, AI Dictation, or Medical Scribes?

    Transcriptionist, dictation, or medical scribes? There’s some confusion in the industry on what each of these categories of EHR documentation specialties mean. It’s not uncommon that we’d speak to a doctor about what we do, and we’d be told “oh I use a transcription service for that.” And with the proliferation of natural language processing engines and “A.I.” driven solutions in the healthcare industry, there are a plethora of dictation services vying for the wallet of a medical practice or healthcare organization.

  • Is the traditional scribe model broken?

    There’s no arguing that offloading the burden and responsibility of EHR documentation from a physician’s shoulders leads to improved metrics across board, from ROI to patient satisfaction, to generally a better physician outlook and well-being. accuracy issues?

  • How do scribes assist healthcare providers?

    What is a medical scribe? A medical scribe is someone who works alongside and assists a health care provider in documenting important information needed to complete an accurate medical chart. Scribes are responsible for recording a patient’s clinical history, current complaints, diagnoses, and procedures performed. They may also at times need to record medical orders […]

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