The Best Medical Scribe Programs Train Great Leaders

Monthly Leadership Training for Medical Scribe Program Managers

ScribeConnect’s commitment to excellence in medical scribe programs includes monthly leadership training. The company’s regional and site managers gathered at the corporate office in Idyllwild, California in September to discuss education, training, and program management. They also discussed the recently expanded employee benefits programs.

ScribeConnect provides medical scribe programs nationwide for all clinical settings. Site managers specialize in leading teams in emergency medicine, hospital networks, and outpatient clinics. Serving physicians’ needs means training medical scribes specifically to meet the needs of the specialty and setting. To achieve this, ScribeConnect conducts comprehensive classroom and bedside training of all scribes before they become certified.

Leadership Opportunities for Medical Scribes

As scribes become experts in their setting of choice, they can advance to be site trainers or managers. ScribeConnect places a high emphasis on recognizing performance, and the company provides regular opportunities for recognition and advancement. See interview with our site manager Sarina Patel here.

Site managers are key to the success of a scribe program. ScribeConnect provides every client with a dedicated site manager for their site to ensure consistent quality of service. Site managers lead their team to ensure coverage is optimal, physician preferences are met, and department performance goals are measured and exceeded. They also lead in the hiring, training and evaluation of top medical scribe candidates.

ScribeConnect’s management training gives scribes aspiring for a career in medicine the tools they need to be both great providers of medical care and great leaders. Start your career as a medical scribe.

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