For IDNs and Practice Management Groups

In-house scribe program to save your provider’s sanity

The burden for EHR documentation should not fall upon the shoulders of your doctors. But what happens when you provide independent doctors to multiple sites and multiple clients, or manage physicians for different practices across a large geographical area? Unlike hospital systems or large emergency departments, you may be providing physicians to a dozen different clients and locations.

Happy Physicians Equal Happy Clients

Managing a medical scribe program across a complex IDN or Practice Management Group can be a nightmare, and the logistical and implementation overhead makes it difficult to hire third-party medical scribe providers.

So what can you do to keep the physicians on your contract happy, and thus keep your clients happy?


Help is on the way.

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Manage your in-house medical scribe program with a SaaS solution

A SaaS Platform designed to help any provider, any time, anywhere.

The complexity and challenges of multiple clients across multiple sites do not have to be the hurdle that stops you from having a successful medical scribe program. You can manage teams of medical scribes that assist with EHR documentation from a centralized and virtualized location with a SaaS solution like our ScribeConnect Scribe Management Platform.

We’ve created the SaaS Platform as a way to remotely hire, train, and manage medical scribes to be deployed across different sites with different providers. Using the powerful Team Management tool you can assign shifts, monitor and evaluate scribe performance, train and manage ongoing scribe education, all from a cloud-based platform you can access from any time, anywhere.

Platform Overview

See how Integritas, an independent doctor’s network based in Carbondale, Illinois, use ScribeConnect’s Platform to manage an existing medical scribe program and navigate a complex provider structure to multiple clients, and still keep their commitment to provider happiness.

Hire and Manage In-house Scribes

See how Alex from integritas use our SaaS Platform as a part of her daily workload.

Save Hundreds of Man-hours Annually

ScribeConnect Scribe Management Platform saves Integritas 6-8 hours in management duties weekly.

Remote, Cloud-based Training

Online courses can be a huge asset in save time and money on required new hire training.

ScribeConnect SaaS Platform

The ScribeConnect Scribe Management Platform allows you to:

  • Hire, train, and onboard new medical scribes virtually
  • Manage and review scribe performance
  • Assign tasks and shifts remotely
  • Create teams and roles across sites and geographical locations

Our simple to use, yet robust backend saves you time, resources, and money. Create your in-house medical scribe solution to optimize your physician efficiency and satisfaction.

ScribeConnect Scribe Management Platform

Our robust platform allows you or someone from your healthcare organization to actively manage the team, assign tasks and training, and eliminate hours of training and in-person management to provide maximum relief of your documentation burden and minimum operational hassle.

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