We are always sharing innovations and developments in the medical scribe industry and our unique approach to employing and training them.
What skills do you need to be a medical scribe?
There are some key skills that are vital to be a successful medical scribe. Although a medical degree is not required (thank heavens!), a solid foundation of medical scribe training, education, and experience are necessary to become a successful medical…
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Non-Traditional Pathways to a Career in Healthcare
By Aubrey Martinez What Does a Traditional Medical School Applicant Look Like? Currently a career in healthcare starts with the standard procedure for pre-health students is to prepare for and apply to healthcare education institutions during college and matriculate into…
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How to prepare for your medical scribe job interview
By Alex Natividad Medical scribe job interviews can be daunting. If you do not have medical scribing experience, your best chance is to make sure that you are prepared for and reflected upon the following questions and can answer effectively.…
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Do medical scribes need training?
Unlike most entry-level positions, medical scribes do need training While most entry-level type positions in a variety of industries, like service, fast-food, or warehouse/fulfillment typically do not require extensive and specific training, medical scribing is not one of those. Even…
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Case study: ScribeConnect Platform and Integritas
How ScribeConnect’s Scribe Management & Education Platform Helped Integritas Improve Their Medical Scribe Program In this case study, we showcase how Integritas managed a successful medical scribe service in-house across multiple healthcare systems and locations with ScribeConnect Integritas is a…
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