Tag: leaders in medicine
An Interview with ScribeConnect CEO Erich Rempel
We had the chance to talk with ScribeConnect's founder and CEO about what inspired him to start the company, his passion for healthcare, and more about what drives him and the company. Q: When did your interest in medicine/healthcare begin?…
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We Don’t Retreat, We Advance… Annual Leadership Advance
ScribeConnect's management team convened at our corporate headquarters in Idyllwild for three days of leadership training, company updates, BBQ's, movies, hiking, escape rooms, and more! Every year, we bring all of our managers together in Idyllwild, California for the Annual…
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The Best Medical Scribe Programs Train Great Leaders
Monthly Leadership Training for Medical Scribe Program Managers ScribeConnect's commitment to excellence in medical scribe programs includes monthly leadership training. The company's regional and site managers gathered at the corporate office in Idyllwild, California in September to discuss education, training,…
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