We are always sharing innovations and developments in the medical scribe industry and our unique approach to employing and training them.
Is Medical School in Your Future Plans?
Medical school applications can be one of the most difficult and stressful parts of your higher education. Most pre-med and pre-PA students take some time between their undergraduate work and the start of their medical school to strengthen their application…
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What is the best way to hire medical scribes?
We dive into some best practices to help you kick-start and improve your medical scribe program Whether you are a rural clinic looking for some documentation help or a large urban hospital system with an existing medical scribe program in…
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ScribeConnect Launches the First Online Scribe Training and Management Platform
Online training SaaS Platform from ScribeConnect – 12/06/2021 ScribeConnect, LLC, one of America’s leading providers of medical scribe services, announced today the industry’s first and only medical scribe software platform designed to enable and assist healthcare organizations to implement and…
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Are Scribes Well Paid? How Much is a Medical Scribe's Salary?
Before you start exploring becoming a medical scribe for your next job, you're probably wondering what is the average salary of a scribe? We understand. It's a common question. So common in fact that we have included it as the…
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Hire, train, and retain Scribes made easy as 1-2-3
Medical scribes are one of the best ways to combat provider burnout and improve care team morale. But between a third-party provider solution, or your own homegrown, in-house medical scribe solution, how do you determine what is the best scribe…
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